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Traditional Chinese massage

Acupressure has the same principles as acupuncture. In fact, acupuncture developed out of acupressure, which is sometimes known as 'the mother of acupuncture' and predates it.

Today acupressure is widely practiced in China, where an individuals responsibility for his or her own health is emphasized more than it is in the West, as a form of self-help treatment. It is also recommended and taught by many traditional acupuncturists as a useful adjunct to acupuncture itself, therapists often use the technique alongside acupuncture as part of a consultation. Mainstream medical practitioners also recognize the value of acupressure as a self-help measure, though once more they explain its efficacy in terms of trigger points.

However they take the view that it is far less effective than acupuncture : the effects are seldom long-lasting, but the technique can relieve symptoms fairly well, although only for short periods.


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