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The Healing Scent

People have been using scented products since time began in religious ceremonies, in massage, in the bath and for scenting the hair and body. It was not until the 10th century AD, however, that Arabic physicians learned how to distil pure essential oils from plants.
Aromatic plants contain essential oils, which are used to relax, sedate, refresh of stimulate according to need. These essential oils have been found to have significant healing properties, in addition to affecting moods. Nowadays, widespread use is made of aromatherapy in many fields of conventional medicine.

The use of aromatherapy oils with a massage can increase the body's relaxiation faster.Although the olls are absorbed into the body through the skin, little reaches the internal body systems, so their physiological effects, which are not known for certain, are mild.
However the psychological effects of their aromas include altering mood and emotion and creating a feeling of well-being.
The main effect of aromatherapy oils - apart from the purely tactile pleasure that their use gives during a massage is upon the sense of smell. This can be significant because, while odours can evoke a strong emotional reaction, they can also have further effects.They are picked up by smell receptors in the nostrils, which pass the information to the areas of the brain that control emotional responses and memory.

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