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Koh Samui ferry route

Getting to Koh Samui by Bus or coach is one of the cheapest options. If you are coming from Bangkok you will find that all the travel agency's sell tickets for Koh Samui starting from 250 Baht up to 800 Baht if you choose a VIP bus, which is normaly a 24 passenger coach with air-conditioning, more comforatble seating and a more pleasent journey. Local coaches which are cheaper do more stops on the journey to offload or take onboard new passengers.

Some coaches board the boat and drop you at Nathon port (Koh Samui), other coach companies will drop you off at the port of Suratthani too catch the ferry across to Koh Samui. See Ferries.

On route to Suratthani the coaches stop once or several times for you to eat and get refreshments. VIP buses have their own bathrooms but still stop once or twice. Most of the coach companies travel at night and the journey from Bangkok to Suratthani lasts around 10-12 hours.

Be aware that not all buses/coaches are the same. Spending that extra baht makes a difference in overall comfort.

The most comfortable are the overnight Super VIP coaches. These air-conditioned double decker vehicles have toilets, seats that lean back quite far with leg rests at the bottom, and they also supply blankets for the journey.

No food or drink is served on board. Although you can take your own drink and food onboard.

A video is almost always shown on an overhead TV, and played at quite hight volumes that make it very diffucult to sleep. Once the film ends around, if you're lucky, you may sleep through much of the night.

It is not wise to leave anything of value in the luggage compartment under the bus as it has been known for things to go missing.

There are also coaches for Koh Samui from Suratthani, Phuket, Hat Yai and Krabi and many other provinces.

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