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Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been throughly used for over 4,000 years and is a comprehensive medical system with its own principles, diagnosis, methods and therapies. It is currently used by 25% of the worlds population as an original and mainstream health provision in curing and preventing illness, as well as preserving the well being of the human body and mind.

Traditional Chinese Medicine views the body as an organic whole with a network of channels connecting and coordination of the intended organs, Qi (Vital Energy) , blood, body fluids, muscles, bones, tendons and the skin.

The Chinese believe that 'Qi' , which flows within the channels of the human body and can be enhanced, improved and nourished so that the patient is not only symptom free but is healthy and full of vitality with a balance in the body that prevents illness.

Traditional Chinese Medicine hold the belief that health in all parts of the body is due to the relative balance of Yin and Yang.

Yin-Yang theory forms the basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine's holistic approach to health and illness and also offers practical guidance in the prevention and management of illnesses. Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on two components - Chinese herbs and Acupuncture.


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