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Major Cineplex

Located in Tesco Lotus on the main Ring road just outside Chaweng is the Major Cineplex cinema. Here they show alot of top box office movies with Thai sub titles. They feature all the big releases and blockbusters.

The cinema has 3 screens and plays movies most of the day finishing and closing around 11:30pm. The cinemas are aircodintioned and are well maintined.

The seating is comfortable and when buying a ticket you can choose where you want to sit.They also have couple seats which are little more expsensive. Drinks, popcorn and other sweet snacks are availble in the waiting room before the movie starts. Expect a good amount of advertising from local and global sponsors plus around five or six movie trailers.

The sound can be rather loud sometimes, but for movie lovers this is a bonus and of course great if you are enjoying the movie.

No half times or breaks during the movie, the movie will be non stop to the end. Because in places liek India they have a half time, so you can get refershments.


Every movei that starts in Thailand is presented with a blessing to the king of Thailand. When the time comes you need stand up and watch! This is traditional all over Thailand and we ask you respect it the same as the Thai people.

Too see what movies are on click the link below.

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