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Currency & Banks

Koh Samui , Thailand

Thailand's unit of currency is Baht(Bt).

The notes are Bt1000, Bt500, Bt100, Bt50 and Bt20.

The coins are Bt10, Bt5, Bt1 ,25 and 50 satang. See money
At the current exchange rate, baht is around Bt40 to 1 US dollar.

Money Exchange
Changing your money to baht can be done at most banks and currency exchange booths located in all the towns on the Island of Samui. All the major currencies are excepted.

There are many ATM's (Automatic Teller Machine) on Koh Samui. They accept most credit, debit and electron cards as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB and Diners Club etc.
There are also several banks in Koh Samui and Koh Phangan as well as micro brand banks or exchange offices.
NOTE : Koh Samui ATM's seem to stop working after midnight! And dont start working until 7 or 8:00am next morninig, you have been warned.

Credit Cards
Most currency exchange booths accept credit cards.Look for the popular VISA and MASTERCARD signs displayed on their windows.Expect a surcharge of up to 5% on every transaction.
American ExpressMastercard visa
Emergency Numbers if loss or stolen cards

Western Union
A fast and effiecent way fo sending or receiving money is to use Western Union. Cash is recieved in minutes after it has been wired.The charge's involved are on a sliding scale, so large amounts will cost you less compared to sending small amounts.

Banking hours are open from 8:30 am to 3.30 pm - Monday to Friday. Saturdays banks only open for half a day.Sundays banks are closed. But most exchange booths are open. See Bank Numbers



20 Baht Front 20 Baht Note Front
20 Baht Back 20 Baht Note Back
50 Front 50 Baht Note Front
50 50 Baht Note Back
100 Front 100 Baht Note Front
100 Baht 100 baht note Back
500 Front 500 Baht note Front
500 500 Baht note Back
1000 front 1000 Baht Front
1000 Back 1000 Baht Back

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