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Detoxing and Fasting

Detox cleansingDetoxing is just another word for cleansing which aims to effectively increase the efficiency of the bodies digestive system and to help stimulate the other parts of the body that are in control of the purification and removal of toxins which collect in our bodies. When sensibly used detoxing is the single greatest natural healing therapy, not only for the body but also for the mind, improving underlying health and making your body less prone to infection. Used sensibly and in moderation detoxing regimes are valuable in promoting and sustaining good health. It is nature’s ancient, universal remedy for many problems. Animals instinctively fast when ill. Many cleanses consist of herbs, typical and non-typical plants; many people who detox are often into homeopathic remedies and alternative medicine. Or they just discovered this miraculous experience and are now firm believers due to its change upon their health and wellbeing once they have compared themselves before and after! The whole reason for cleansing or detoxing is to give the body a fresh start. Use excess stored body fat, ingest various anti-oxidants (like acidic fruits), deprive the body of what it may be addicted to (caffeine, smoking, drugs, etc.) which leads to eventual elimination of the toxins collected in your system and impacted intestine. All of this increases your energy levels, adds a healthy glow to your exterior complexion and helps you kick your caffeine, smoking or drug habit if you have one or a few of those habits and helps to teach you to recharge and install a new way of eating and maintaining your diet.

There are many ways of detoxing; anything which stimulates elimination in the body is detoxing. Drinking plenty of water each day will help you flush out toxins. Eating clean food such as fresh fruit and vegetables which have high water content will help you cleanse your digestive system. Reduce clogging the digestive system and increase digestion easily. You should also try to decrease the intake of chemicals, caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes or drugs to ease off the toxic load to benefit from the full potential of a fast.

A samui detox is a perfect place to do a full detox, a paradise Island in fresh air and bright shinning sun.

The Benefits of Detoxing

Herbal Samui DetoxCleansing your body will relax you, boost your emotional well being, increase your energy and vitality, help you to loose excess weight and regulate your sleeping patterns.
Apart from streamlining your body, reducing bloating toning your muscles through the combination of diet and body therapies, one of the other key benefits of cleansing is just how much better you will look. The skin; the largest organ in the body, will be more hydrated, softer and your complexion will be clearer and feel better. Your hair and nails will have improved condition significantly and eyes should be clearer and brighter.

How A Body Detoxification Is Done

Cleanses vary. Some you take pills for, some you drink unusual drink concoctions in the privacy of your own home, some you drink ready-made teas or shakes. Some you eat only certain foods, some you don't eat anything at all. There are lotst of different combinations of ingredients, or lack thereof, you can think of that is supposed to "help" you. For those which you must purchase, beware, some may be placebos -- some may be beneficial. Research it beforehand. Many people believe that nature has given them everything they need to fix their bodies without manufactured artificial medicines. Some people drink only fruit juice, others tomato juice and lemons or eat only cabbage for an entire week. There is even one that instructs to consume nothing whatsoever but water!
You will find every remedy imaginable so please take care in researching before you try something. Speak to real people who have done this and have experienced it. Burdock root has a long reputation of use in Chinese medicine, it is also a diuretic. There are Burdock root teas which are often used for renal problems, gout, infections and joint problems. A tincture of the green covering around a black walnut, powdered wormwood (leaves of the Artemisia absynthium shrub) and powdered clove are said to kill parasites effectively when taken together (in the right combination, tinctures and amounts of course so don't of off and eat shrubs and walnuts).
Some include laxative teas or salt water washes. This may involve a lot of cramping and a lot of diarrhoea. Not to be gross but it's true and its better you know now than later. This part is not for the faint of mind. Some herbs induce intestinal spasms which induce bowel movements. Many teas are made from Senna leaves or Cascara sagrada. These cause the intestinal tract to spasm which in turn stimulates a bowel movement. Senna can be quite harsh. Some teas have fennel or star anise added to them to lessen the painful cramps which accompany laxative teas but still induce bowel movements. Both fennel and star anise have anti-spasmodic properties. Other laxative herbs are Slippery Elm, Sheep Sorrel, Black Walnut and medical Turkey Rhubarb. Living off of a liquid or soft, protein free diet with plenty of water and a lot of bowel movements will certainly clean something out eventually.

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