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Do's and Dont's in Thailand

Respect the culture

*The royal family is deeply loved and respected. Dont speak ill of its members even in jest.

*Thais Believe the head is the most sacred part of the body.Thus, refrain from touching the head.

*The feet are considered the lowest part of the body;Dont rest your feet or put your shoes on a table and dont point your feet to anyone's direction.

*Thais feel strongly about their religion, so dont wear immodest attire at a temple, dont climb Buddha images, and always remove your shoes before entering a temple.

*Displays of affection between sexes in public places are a no-no.

*Dont sunbathe topless.

Do*Thais are quite respectful of Westerners and some may try their English on you. Dont be offended by questions about your age, salary and martial status; they dont mean to be intrusive.

Do*The traditional Thai greeting is the wai, where the hands are brought together in front of the chin. The younger, or the lower-ranking person, should be the first to make the wai.