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Fullmoon Party Dates 2013

Biggest moon party in the world , Fullmoon dates

Fullmoon party Photo

On Had Rin Nok beach, on the South-East of Koh Phangan island in the Suratthani province. It can be reached by speed boat from Koh Samui during the party. If you are on the Island it can be reached by road which does get very busy during the party, Best option is either by boat from Samui or Taxi from anywhere on Phangan Island.

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Party Dates?
Every fullmoon.
Dates are known to change if there is a buddhist holiday during a fullmoon.

2013 Fullmoon Part dates

Saturday 26, January

Tuesday 26, February

Tuesday 26, March

Thursday 25, April

Saturday 25, May

Sunday 23, June

Wednesday 24, July

Wednesday 21, August

Thursday 19, September

Saturday 19, October

Sunday 17, November

Tuesday 17, December

Wednesday 25, December

Tuesday 31, December

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