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Getting Around Koh Samui

Taxis and Motorcycles

Koh Samui has a ring road that loops around the Islands lush forest of coconut trees, linking all the beaches and attractions. You will not find any tuks's tuk's here but you will find a quite well organised transport network of songthaews ' See Below'

Koh Samui has a good public transport network of songthaews (Red coloured converted pick-up trucks with bench seats) that serves as the local bus service for the Island. They have fixed routes around the Island all day. Fares start at 20Baht for a short trip.Money is paid at the end of the trip to the driver.You can flag a songthaew down anywhere and ring the bell or bang on the roof to get off.
Night time many songthaews operate as private taxis. So it is neccessary to negotiate a fare before boarding...

There are yallow metered taxis everywhere and aircon taxis are also available. Samui Taxis dont really like using there meters so prices can be very high so be prepared to negotiate a price before boarding.They are normally the faster and more comfortable means of transport for Samui.You can normally find a taxi easily.

Motorbike Taxis
Motorbike taxis can be idenfied by their coloured, numbered vests. They are far cheaper way of getting around, although you still need to negotiate a price with them.It can be very convient to travel by motorbike.Fares start from around 30Baht upwards depending on where you are going. Motorbikes can be dangerous and even more so when carrying bags or shopping. The Taxi bike riders do know the roads and can be a bit aggressive in there riding skills...They do speak english so you can tell them to slow down if neccessary.

Car Rental See Car Hire
Car or jeep rental is widely available on the Island. Rates start around 800Baht per day upwards depending on the type and condition of the vehicle.Some of these vehicles come with insurance, but the coverage is limited.Ask for details.

MotorBike Rental
Motorbikes are the most convient way of getting around town and the Island.
Rates start at 150Baht up to 300Baht per day.You have to pay the gasoline. You can negotiate longer deals for cheaper price. Bikes at around 150Baht are normally manual gearbox, pay a little more and you can have a automatic. Please where a helmet for your own safety.The local police are cracking down on foreigners riding bikes without safety helmets and fining them accordingly.
The 500 baht or more fine must be paid immediately at a nearby police station, whilst the police hold onto either your bike, driving license or passport as insurance.Interested in renting a bike email :info@kohsamui-spas.com

Bicycles for hire are increasingly common, though are not recommended for long trips or at night.

Insurance does not exist for Thailand motorbikes, so riders are liable for any damage and it's almost always the foreigner's fault. Many jeep hire 'bargains' will come without insurance and are therefore a risky proposition. Any established company such as Budget or Avis will include comprehensive insurance in the rental.

They drive on the Left side of the road in Thailand.Thai people will use the roads how they want in Samui. A lot of the highway code is not used by the Thai bike riders. So be careful Go slow. Drive safely. Most roads on Samui are not lite up and many of the country roads can be very dangerous in the dark.The roads in Samui are concrete so you can expect many pot holes due to the changing weather conditions over the seasons.