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Island in the Gulf of Thailand

Koh Samui's history only dates back to around 150 years.Thats because on the South part of the Island there is a house that is over 150 years old. There are old Wats(temples) on the Island, but not much written history about the Island. Fisherman have always been attracted to its tropical jungles and beautiful beaches.Small villages were established around the Island over the years.

Fisherman villages on Samui have grown over the years and Hua Thanon has the largest fishing vilage of all the Islands around Samui.

1960's attracted a lot of back-packers seeking isolated places to explore and discover.Koh Samui became a pack-backers destination and more and more came to this paradise Island..

Koh Samui's History is being written today by its huge investments made by foreingners. Many villas and super hotels are being constructed including Spa resorts.

The roads on Samui are another big factor to Samui.The ring road has recently been widened and many smaller roads are being worked on for improvement for the sudden boom of the tourist industry to Samui.

The Island history is that it was once was an Island with small villages and fishermen with beautiful untouched beaches.Now its Island designed and catered for the tourist...But still a very good paradise Island to Visit.

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