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Koh Tao , Thailand

Islands in the Surrathani Province, Gulf of Thailand

Koh Tao - which means 'Turtle Island' - located about 75km East of the coast Suratthani and Chumphon in the Gulf of Thailand.A tropical Island with dense jungle in the middle with surrounding coasts lines of beautifil natural beaches.Koh Tao had a history of being rich of sea turtles, now most of the sea turtles have moved on to other breeding grounds the Island has another big attraction 'diving' ,It is more known now for being a top diving spot in Thailand.

The Island has become very popular over the last ten years for its natural beauty and very well known for its marine life and coral reefs.The Island now has a good selection of accommodation and caters for a wide range of budgets.

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The Island was not inhabited, only local fisherman from the surrounding Islands Koh Samui and Koh Phangan would stop there to rest from long journeys or to shleter from storms.

June 18th 1899, His Majesty the King Chulaongkorn (Rama V 1868 - 1910) visted Koh Tao. He left his mark on a huge boulder at Jor Por Ror Bay near to Sairee Beach a monogram to show his eveidence of being there.This place is now worshipped to the present date and treated with huge respect.

1933 the Island became a political prision, but in 1947, Khun A Paiwong the prime minister at that time, pleaded and received a royal pardon for all prisoners on the island of Koh Tao. The turtle Island became abandoned again when everybody was removed from the Island and taken to Suratthani.

The same year saw twin brothers Khun Ueam and Khun Oh reach the Island on a sailing boat from the neighboring Island Koh Phangan.The Island was still under royal patronage. The journey they undertook was a long, difficult and dangerous one for that time and era.These pioneers claimed themselves a good piece of land on Sairee beach.There families joined them and they began to settle on th Island, cultivating and harvesting the soil.Koh Tao had settlers, harvesting coconuts, fishing, growing vegetables and fruits.Trades began with the other Islands and the population began too grow.

The early eighties saw the first travelers discover the Island, creating a backpacker-network it soon got widely known and popular destination for its paradise and top dive sites.....