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Mind and phenomena

Life Coaching integrates Eastern and Western perspective of the mind and phenomena; it is
concerned with higher human values, self-development & self-understanding.

Life Coaching Technique :

Life Coaching is a combination of mind transformation techniques. The counseling is an
individualized and specific relationship between the client and the coach.

Life Coaching consists of interactions, guided meditations, and hypnosis sessions for the
improvement of life.

Hypnosis allows you to actualize change, to find resources in yourself, to resolve conflicts and find
balance in your inherent wisdom.

Hypnosis is the result of a deep and enjoyable relaxed state, in which your consciousness opens to
the healing powers of the subconscious.

The conscious mind becomes receptive to suggestions and metaphors, which bring about behavioral
change and transform the quality of life.

The goal is to bring transformation to yourself, your relationships and to the world, a grounded
presence, here and now!

Your subconscious mind contains all the knowledge you have, memories and perceptions, which
you are unaware of.

It is the source of all your potential, wisdom and hidden powers; it is where your habits and self-
images are stored, and where they can be changed.

Life Coaching is also about working with our emotions. It is in the subconscious mind where
repressed emotions are stored and can be changed.

Counseling can focus on a person’s working life; it frequently concentrates on interpersonal
development and personal transformation to resolve specific troubles and difficulties.

The process of Life Coaching combined with hypnosis develops a collaborative synergy that moves
a person forward, to progress easily and quickly in accomplishing his or her dreams and ambitions.

Some Specific Benefits:

• Resolving internal conflicts and troubles
• Increasing harmony in your relationships
• Setting more effective goals & decisions
• Clarifying what you want from life – your purpose and vision
• Having someone on your side to support and encourage you on your journey of change
• Growing and learning new techniques and ways to experience life.

You can be free from patterns of behavior, discover Your Inner Potential & True Self!


-Stress, anxiety, depression

-Self-esteem, weak self-reference

-Abuse, divorce or separation

-Addictions and addictive behaviour

-Obsessive-compulsive behaviour

-Conflicts in relationships & many other issues affecting well-being

About Denis Casarsa:

Denis is a trained and experienced therapist, applying holistic techniques and understanding in his
work. The techniques and perspectives he uses involve helping you access what you already know,
to improve your self-consciousness, to access you inner and inherent wisdom.

He comes from Switzerland and his mother tongue is French. Denis has been working there as a psychotherapist for seven years, before coming to Thailand in 2005.

He has been practicing Vipassana Yoga Meditation for the past 12 years, an ancient Asian type of analytical meditation, and has been traveling around the globe investigating the spiritual dimension of human behavior. Denis studied Shamanism in South and North America, Tibetan and original
Buddhism in Asia, as a personal discipline.

On the academic and practical level, he has been trained in general psychology in Switzerland, in
Transpersonal Studies, Clinical and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy in California, Brief Therapy in
France, and has been studying the ‘Unity in Duality’ paradigm, or ‘sciences of mind and
phenomena’ for 5 years.

“I see my work as a facilitator, as an opportunity to bring peace and understanding among our multiple dimensions: Physical, conceptual, emotional and intuitive. My role is that of a guide who
will assist you in gaining clarity in your life so that you can access the resources you need to solve problems and fulfill your dreams.”

Denis Casarsa
77 Moo 3, House: B3, T. Maret, Ban Lamai
Surrathani 84310

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