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Afterdark Clubs and Bars

As the sun goes down in Samui the streets and bars come to life with entertainment.The beach bars turn-up the volume, some beach bars have DJ decks with either a Thai or European Dj. Fire dancers can normally be seen on the beaches at most beach bars throught out the nights.

Samui has quite a few big clubs to hang out in.Some of the famous ones on the Island are The Green Mango and the Reggae Pub in Chaweng.Lamai has a fair share of good clubs as well.A very party atmosphere can be found in most clubs and bars all the time.

Clubs & Bars Times....
The clubs and bars dont normally get very lively until around midinight.The closing times in Thailand is 2:00am for most big clubs and bars. Hunting around you might be able to find somewhere still open after 2:00am...

The Greetings from the girlie bars...
Girlie bars are everywhere most have pink lighting with the girls standing outside. Cries of 'Hellooo welcooome, come inside please!!' or 'Hellooo handsome!' everywhere you go can be annoying sometimes to some of us....It helps not too make eye contact with the 'greeters'. It can be pretty hard sometimes as some of them are awfully persuasive and charming..

The Flower selling Girls & Boys
We recommend that you do not buy from the children selling flowers or other items on the streets at night. This only makes to problem worse as parents over time have realized that there is big money to be made from tourists and there children.The children dont need to do this type of work to feed there families as Samui is quite a wealthy island .Children are seen at very late hours of the morning selling and will most likely not be up for school the following day. The children always look sweet and charming.Dont fall into the trap of buying from them....Thankyou.

Drugs & you!
Dont do drugs.Stay away from Drugs - What ever happens do not except or handle drugs.People might try to sell them too you.DRUGS are ILLEGAL in Thailand and very strong PENALTIES are given.Police here don't need a warrant and they don't need cause to search you. It only takes a routine check for them to find the joint in your cigarette pack.
If arrested with drugs, detainment in jail for several days, a fine of US $2000 or more and then deportment and possible blacklisting ensuring you will never again step foot in Thailand, to be a risk worth taking for the high, then we have just two words for you. Good luck! Many, MANY people have had their vacations ruined and their bank accounts emptied due to drug arrests on Samui.

Please be very cautious with the men masquerading as women. The streets of Chaweng become a little bit like a circus after around 1:00am.Transvestites and transsexuals hang around on the streets late at night on motor scooters, whisting and inviting men to accompany them for there services.(Real women sex workers do not do this).If you go with one of these men, you will be placing yourself in a dangerous situation.

Making new freinds
Its easy to make new thai freinds in the local bars and clubs.If you decide to pay for a new freind for her (or his) company over the night, we would recommend using a condom. Today they are called "commercial sex workers," and do not have any criminal intentions of any kind.They are as honest as any other person in Thailand.There have been some occasional incidents.

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