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Chi Kung

Qigong, sometimes called chi kung is an intergral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine that is thought derive from a mixture of Taoist yoga, Buddhist meditation, and traditional Chinese breathing exercises developed around 5,000 years ago.

During Chinas Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) , this system of healing exercises was refined into the tharapy known as qigong. The term means 'energy practise' its the art of cultivating and balancing the qi within the body in order to heal and maintain health.

Qigong, a gentle form of self-healing that can be practiced by all age groups, is an ancient form of Traditional Chinese Medicine that aims to encourage the free flow of qi around the body in order to maintain or improve health. The technique engenders a deep state of relaxation and improved self-awareness, and can relieve stress and stress related disorders, improve breathing control, and increase self-esteem.Because it is such a gentle technique, qigong can be used to maintain agility and fitness in elderly people.

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