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A popular destination for travelers from all over the world. Thailand has some beautiful locations to either retire or have a second home. As it stands Thailand is a great place to purchase land or property. Koh Samui is on a rapid rise with tourism increasing every year, Bangkok airways fleet expansion and an international marina on the drawing board, Tesco Lotus shopping mall already in place and a new Samui Golf course you can clearly see that Samui is developing fast. As the Island expands from a backpackers paradise to a fully serviced community with international standard hospitals, schools, shopping, communications, marina and leisure facilities the more it attracts the foreign visitor to purchase a property.

Its very easy now to own a house of your dreams in a tropical paradise where the costs of living are far lower and the quality of life are much better.

A lot of growth in land and house buying in Samui over the last 10 years and growng at an even faster rate as more and more people discover this paradise Island.There are some important things to consider before investing in land or properties on Koh Samui.

One of the most important things to do before investing in property or land on Koh Samui is to seek advice and full consulation with a broker or lawyer, in handling land issues such as title's,access, availability of utilities as well as checking the reputation of the developer.

Some Real Estate agents for you to view below...

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Advantage Property

Hin Da Hin Yai, Tel: 077 418 891
Coconut Island Real Estate Tel: 09-94751171
Coconut Land and House Chaweng (opposite Starbucks), Tel. 077 413 323 and Maenam, Tel. 077 420 613
Coco International Properties Co. Ltd Iyara Plaza, Chaweng, Tel. 077 422 248
1st Asia Properties Bophut (Route 4169), Tel: 077 422 479
Happy Place's Projects Big Buddha (Ghost Road), Tel: 077 245 530
Plantation Project Bangrak, Tel: 077 427 098
Samrong Lagoon Resort Tel: 077 427 282
Samui Estate (NPM) Tel: 06 9999 878
Siam Inter Properties Bophut (Route 4169), Tel: 077 245 248, 09 060 7430
The Villas at Pansea Samui Maenam, Tel: 077 427 648, 02 253 4145-7
Zen Properties Maenam, Tel: 09 874 4855/01 894 2131