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Shops & Markets in Samui

Samui Shopping

Samui maybe a small Island but its shops cover mostly everything. Samui markets and shops have been known to be exspensive but over the last few years the prices are becoming very reasonable and bargains are always to be found or bartered for.

Chaweng shopping
The biggest tourist resort on the Island and has the most shops of all the towns.You can find all types of shops around Chaweng.A huge selection of skilled tailors and dressmakers, and good prices aswell.

You will find all the designer sports shops and fashion shops like Nike, Levis, Camel Active, Jeep, Addidas and many more.Several boutiques and fashion clothing shops with all the brand names. On the outside on the streets you will always find typical Thai stores selling a huge selection of goods either copied or hand made.You will also find a few gold, silver and jewelry shops as well as Thai traditional handicrafts and souvenirs like Thai silk, lacquerware, paintings..

DVD and CD shops are everywhere mostly copies.Photo shops and opticians are easy to find.Not many electrical shops.Sony have not long opened the doors to a small electrical shop selling Sony Products...So dont expect to be buying yourself an I-POD on Samui!

7 Eleven

Many supermarkets can be found, 7-Elevens and Family Marts are never very far away from where ever you stay.

Talad Laem Din - Chaweng Market A traditional Thai market with fresh vegatables and fruit, fish, seafood, meat and also cheap clothes etc.

Tops Market Place. A modern supermarket in central Chaweng, just North of McDonald's, close to the beach. A wide selection of local and imported food and articles. If you want to buy food from outside Thailand, Tops is a good choice.

Tesco Lotus A large shopping center, located between Chaweng and Bo Phut, a little North of Bangkok Hospital. In Tesco Lotus you will find all food, clothes, household equipment, electronics, toys, office equipment, furnitures, tools and car accessories etc.

HomePro Next to Tesco Lotus. Home Pro or Home Product Center has all kind of electronic tools and household equipments: Refrigiators, freezers, fans, air-condition, TV sets, DVD, music systems, domestic appliances, vacuum cleaners and furnitures etc.

Lamai shopping
The Lamai area also has a number of small shops and boutiques. Especially the beach road and around Ban Lamai on the Main Road (Ring Road). You will find almost the same range of products as in Chaweng but in much smaller scale. Many 7-Eleven and Family Mart and local owned convenience stores are also found around Lamai area. Friendly Mart, in middle Lamai, has a good selection of both Thai and foreign food, drinks and snacks.

Talad Lamai - Lamai Market A traditional market in Lamai with about same assortment as in Chaweng but the Lamai one is much smaller. Located at Ring Road, close to the PTT petrol station and Bank of Ayudhya (Krungsri bank).

Top Harvest A wide range of imported food and ingredients like ham, cheese, sausages, salami, flour, bread, cream and much more. Located a little South of the Lamai temple.

Nathon shopping In Nathon you will find several souvenir and clothing shops as well as banks, pharmacies, shops with electronics and household appliances and also a few supermarkets and department stores. There are also several Thai banks located in Nathon.

Maenam and Bo Phut shopping Maenam and Bo Phut has been developed with new shops and convenience stores the  last years. A range of souviner shops are found here too.