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Learning to cook Thai food is very popular for tourists visiting Thailand. Becasue many people who discover Thai cuisine are immeditlay addicted to its beautiful aromas, spicy and mouth watering tastes. You can learn to cook Thai food all over Thailand and of course here in Koh Samui they are many courses you can learn to cook all your favouirte dishes.

If you are somebody who loves Thai food and you enjoy learning how to cook the food you love, then you have found the best place in Koh Samui.You will learn to cook from an experienced Thai chef how to cook your favorite Thai dishes in a private course.

They are the only private Thai cooking class on the Island of Koh Samui. Its important to book in advance as we only teach two persons per course (2 courses per day), the course is 4 hours long and giving you the opportunity to ask and learn a great amount of information about Thai cooking.
The courses are totally private between you and chef. (They cant teach a single person, it must be 2 people per class). On the premises they have a garden where they have all the herbs and ingredients that they use in the cooking class.

You will learn in a small group of to 2 persons, absolutely everything is 'Sanook' , Sanook is the Thai word for funny, meaning you will have fun as you learn to cook Thai food with us.
They want to make your time with them pleasurable and enjoyable so they can you can have an excellent lunch or dinner together. You will be impressed with the delicious foods.

You will learn how to cook in a very clean and good kitchen with loads of atmosphere, step by step you and your partner can take photos while you are cooking and enjoy the whole session. After cooking you can eat everything you prepared with the group.

Don't worry about real traditional Thai foods, they are confident that you will learn how to cook real Thai food.

They will provide you with a small notepad to write down your steps as we teach and guide you Thai cooking.

Please let us know before you start to learn with us that your vegetarian as we need a minimum of 2 people the same as you .Because we have to adjust to our lessons to make the specific course for you only.

OPTIONAL : A visit to the local Thai market, where they will explain and teach you about Thai food and ingredients that is sold locally.This you can also book if you don't make a class with us!

5 Differant dishes per course, Seafood available.
Things you learn will be Soups, Starters, Main Courses and desserts.
Course always be about four hours. 2 courses a day..
Course is minimum 2 people. We do not accept a 1 person per course. (too much food!)
10am to 2pm & 1pm to 5pm
2 Students only per class
Very clean restaurant kitchen

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