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Travel Healthy

Be Prepared for Thailand

Be prepared, for a healthy holiday. Some advise on keeping 100% healthy while you travel and experience a differant climate.

DoImmunisations, you ideally need to consult with your doctor at least two months before your holiday to make sure you are fully covered. Ask your pharmacist for advice on which vaccines you'll need.

DoCheck whether you'll need malaria protection as you'll have to start taking tablets before you leave your country.Mosquito-borne diseases are a problem in some tropical areas of Thailand. Malaria is not a problem in Koh Samui, unless you spend a lot of time in the dense jungles of Samui and still its not known to have a malaria problem.

DoTake an insect repellent that's suited to your desination.

Stay Sun Safe

DoUse sun screen appropiate to the sun's strength and length of time spent in it.An SPF of 25 extends the length of time you can stay in the sun safely by 25 times. So 125 minutes in the sun wearing factor 25 would be equivalent to spending five minutes in the sun with no protection.

DoStay out of the sun completely if you suffer any degree of sunburn, drink lots of water and apply an aloe Vera gel liberally to help rehydrate the skin.

we dont recommend sitting in the sun at all during the hottest part of the day - from around 12:00 to 3 pm.

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Look after your stomach

A change in climate, food and time zone can all have a big impact on your body's digestive system.

DoWash your hands carefully after every visit to the loo, before you eat, and after travelling, shopping or handling money to keep harmful germs at bay.

DoMost Spas and hotels in Samui have good clean water supply.We do recommend choosing bottled water (making sure the seal is intact) over tap water for drinking and cleaning your teeth if you are not sure about the local water quality.

DoDrink lots of water to avoid dehydration if you come down with diarrhoea.

Doconsult a doctor if diarrhoea lasts more then 48 hours (or 24 hours with children) is bloody or accompanied by high temperature.

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Emergency Numbers

Enjoy Safe Sex

There's nothing like a bit of sun, time off and relaxation to boost your sex life. Again becareful!! Sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS are prevalent in Thailand. Central Chaweng and Lamai beaches have a high amount of northeastern girls and boys working an angle. If your looking for that dont be naive. Keep and open mind and stay focused if you decide to or not....

rely on a local source for condoms - take your own supply to ensure they carry the BSI kitemark of quality assurance.